Planning Commission

   Term Expires June 30th  (3 year terms)
 1st Term 

 2nd Term
  3rd Term 
 Brady, Sam
 2  2014 2017 2020
 Carroll, Carrie
3 2019 2022 2025
 Paulsen, Kevin
4 2024
 Tanner, Curtis (Chairman)
1 2014 2017 2020
 Bare, Brian
 At-Large 2019 2022 2025

City Planner
 Jeff Oyler  Overview

For the purpose of the Planning Commission, Fruit Heights City is divided into 4 districts - with one Planning Commissioner representing each district. 

The Planning Commission has specific powers and duties:

  • Prepares and recommends a General Plan to the City Council
  • Recommends zoning ordinances and maps
  • Administers provisions of the zoning ordinances where specifically delegated by the City Council
  • Recommends subdivision regulations to the City Council 
  • Other things as delegated by the City Council

Planning Commission Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month at the Fruit Heights City Offices. When there is an opening, individuals interested in serving on the Planning Commission may submit a resume and complete an application. These can be submitted on or before June 10 during year of opening.  All applications will be reviewed by the Mayor and the Planning Commission Chair with a recommendation being made to the Mayor on or before the first Planning Commission Meeting in July. 

Members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the City Council. The members of the Planning Commission must reside in specific districts within the City for a minimum of 1 year, attend 85% of the meetings, and complete training each year.  You can view the Planning Commission Districts, meeting Agenda's and Minutes, and the most recent Zoning Map online.