The City Manager is the overall administrative head of the city, and, as such, is responsible for overseeing all government functions and activities. The City Manager serves and advises the Mayor and City Council; appoints all department directors; prepares assorted reports for council consideration, including an annual proposed budget; enforces municipal laws and ordinances; and coordinates city operations and programs.

Human resources also falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of Administration. The City Manager is responsible for recruiting and maintaining qualified, well-trained employees to deliver high-level services to Fruit Heights City residents. Additional activities and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, risk management, public relations, training and accountability of all city staff.



The Building Department reviews plans, issues building permits, and does field inspections of buildings to ensure compliance with local and state mandated regulations related to building construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. To learn more, access the Building Permit page.


The City of Fruit Heights welcomes and encourages small businesses within the community. Much of our local business is made up of small, locally owned home occupation businesses. The City’s current business license ordinance indicates the requirements and any restrictions in operating a home occupation business, as well as other types of businesses.


Fruit Heights City has adopted codes and ordinances to provide for the health and safety of its citizens. Each homeowner is responsible for keeping their premises clean. The code enforcement officer visits neighborhoods to ensure that residences are being kept in compliance with the City Code.


The Finance Department is responsible for assorted financial reports and documents intended for use by the Mayor and Council and/or the City staff to assist them in their duties. In addition to these responsibilities, the Finance Department annually produces Fruit Heights City's Budget Document. This document gives a clear and detailed report of the City’s financial position as well as a specific and explicit plan for future financial activity. A copy of the latest Budget Document is available online or at the City Offices.



The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s infrastructure, such as the culinary water system, sanitary sewer, public streets, storm water, parks, trails, walkways, storm water basins, and other maintained areas.


The City provides water, sewer, garbage, and storm drain services to its residents. Gas, and electricity are provided by Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power.
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