Mayors Minute


I want to personally thank everyone who attended the Cottage Meeting last night at the City offices. The meeting was informative and very well attended. The City requested this meeting of UDOT and Oak Hills Construction representatives to allow residents to be informed of the plan and ask questions about the 400 North intersection before roads are diverted in a couple weeks. There were a lot of excellent questions asked by residents, and we were able to get immediate answers to the inquiries. Below are a few of the points that were discussed.

  • The 400 North project is divided up into 4 phases
  • Phase “0” is focused on relocating utilities and building frontage roads
    • If you experience utility outages, please call the utility company directly
  • Phase “0” has already begun and will last until mid-summer (June-July)
  • Phase “1” will begin to divert traffic from the 400 North interchange up to 650 North
    • They will install temporary traffic lights at the new 650 North intersection to accommodate all the existing traffic
    • They will begin removing dirt from under 400 North to accommodate the future road
    • This phase will last until the end of the year or early next year
  • Phases 2-4 will take another year to complete (estimated completion is the end 2022)
  • Sound walls will be installed at the end of phase 4
  • Construction is currently scheduled for 24 hours a day
    • They won’t pound pylons at night at the 400 N intersection
    • They will be removing dirt and driving big trucks around the construction site at night
  • No traffic restrictions will be put in place from 7:00AM-10:00PM
    • They will maintain all existing traffic flows 
  • They will create additional park and ride lots at Crestwood and Oak Hills
  • If residents’ have concerns with anything, please call their hotline (888) 752-8789
  • Join their Facebook page to get the latest updates

I personally found the information discussed at the meeting helpful and enlightening. I was grateful for the opportunity ask direct questions and my level of uncertainty regarding the construction process has decreased. However, I am still empathetic to the fact that the US-89 construction project is going to cause frustration with cars being diverted and people trying to use Mountain Road to bypass construction. I want you to know that city representatives and staff will do our best to control what we can control. It will be our goal help mitigate non-residential traffic on Mountain Road and find ways to maintain and enforce the posted speeds on our residential streets.  

If anyone has questions or concerns with the project, please reach out to me or call the US-89 hotline directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

John Pohlman


P.S. We have requested a similar meeting to be held before they begin construction on the Nicholls Road section. Please stay tuned.

Mayor’s Update

Last week the Fruit Heights City Council conducted the annual Strategic Planning meeting to outline priorities and create a plan for the next year (and beyond). We began creating a strategic plan two years ago by identifying five Strategic Initiatives to guide our City Council meetings and priorities to reach our objective as a City:

“To provide and sustain a unifying environment where individuals and families work together to create an exceptional quality of life.”

This year we reviewed the initiatives and created assignments and goals to make sure we accomplish our objectives as your representatives.

The Five Strategic Initiatives are:

1)            Improve Communication with residents

2)            Fiscally Responsible

3)            Building/maintain Infrastructure

4)            Building a sense of Community

5)            Creating a Plan for our future

Below are the assignments/priorities and areas of oversight for our City Council members. 

Communications – Julia Busche

  • Liaison with the Citizen Corps Council (Emergency Preparedness)
  • Review city-wide response plans and submit changes to council
  • Create a plan on how to communicate non-emergent information with residents

Community – Jeanne Groberg

  • Liaison with Youth City Council
  • Liaison with all civic activities with Kaysville (Fourth of July devotional, Veterans Day)
  • Review City’s voting ordinance and propose changes to council

Planning – Diane Anderson

  • Liaison for Planning Commission
  • Liaison for Founders Day (Community)
  • Liaison with the city ordinance and General Plan review/rewrite

Community - Gary Anderson

  • Liaison for parks and trails
  • Create a process for residents to perform service projects in the City
    • Oversee a list of projects and update it on a regular basis

Fiscal Responsibility – Eileen Moss

  • Create a plan on how to increase available funds without raising taxes
  • Liaison with Mayor and City Manager to create a 5-year financial plan/budget
  • Review financial information and decide if we need to hold a truth in taxation hearing this year

Mayor – John Pohlman

  • Oversee City Council functions
  • Liaison for Wasatch Integrated Waste Board
  • Liaison with Council of Governments
  • Plan and oversee ongoing cottage meetings

City Manager (Infrastructure)– Brandon Green

  • Oversee and manage City staff
  • Oversee and manage citizen concerns
  • Oversee grants

Our goal this year is to find ways to effectively communicate with our residents. I will put together monthly messages and post them online to inform everyone about projects and issues going on around the city. If anyone has concerns or questions regarding anything we are doing, please get in contact with me.

Thank you,

John Pohlman