Excavation Permit

  • For and in consideration of the granting of said permission the applicant agrees to the following instructions and provisions of Fruit Heights City with respect to the performance of work under this permit.
  • The excavation shall be properly safeguarded by barricades and/or warning lights or both, to prevent accidents during construction.
  • All back-fill shall be thoroughly compacted, in 6 inch layers, to prevent future settlement.
  • The gravel surface materials will be replaced to a minimum depth of 8 inches within the travel and shoulder area of the road. Paving materials will be replaced when no other settlement is evident. All work is to be done by the applicant and at no expense to Fruit Heights City. The applicant shall post an annual bond in the amount of $1000.00 (greater when the scope of work so indicates), or place an appropriate cash deposit with the Fruit Heights City Inspection Department for each and every application. Each deposit will be refunded no later than 60 days following the satisfactory completion, inspection and approval of the work performed under the permit.
  • The applicant shall maintain and be responsible for the place of excavation for a minimum of two (2) years from the date of completion, inspection and approval.
  • The applicant shall assume sole liability for any injuries or damages caused to a third party as a result of future settlement at the place of excavation during the period set forth in the item “(d)” above. The applicant shall save Fruit Heights City and its Commissioners, Officers and Employees harmless from any and all claims for damages or injury to third parties resulting from or arising out of work done under this permit, and shall have adequate public liability insurance for this purpose.
  • All work must be completed within sixty (60) days from the date of issuance, and in no case covers work other than that described above.

 Please email all excavation plans to Crystal Kunkel: ckunkel@fruitheightscity.com

All applicants must pay a $60 nonrefundable application fee when permit application is submitted. You will be required to pay with a card when submitting online application. For all other application submissions you may call our city offices and pay over the phone with a credit card, mail a check or pay in the office. 

Online Excavation Permit

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