Installing a New Mailbox

The installation of curbside mailboxes must meet specific construction standards and specifications.  These can be obtained by contacting the Kaysville Branch Post Office before you install your new mailbox.  

Placing the Mailbox

Here are some helpful guidelines to follow when installing your mailbox

  • Position your mailbox 41" to 45" from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mailbox opening. 
  • Place your mailbox 6" to 8" back behind the curb.  If you do not have a raised curb, contact your local postmaster for guidance. 
  • Put your house number on the mailbox
  • If your mailbox is on a different street from your house, put your full street address on the mailbox.

Installing the Post

The best mailbox supports are stable but bend or fall away if a car hits them.  The Federal Highway Administration recommends:

  • A 4" x 4" wooden support or a 2" diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe. 
  • Avoid unyielding and potentially dangerous supports, like heavy metal pipes, concrete posts, and farm equipment 
  • Bury your post no more than 24" deep.

Pre-Winter Maintenance

While snow plow operators drive slowly, usually at 25 mph or less, the force of snow thrown from a plow is enough to knock down a loose mailbox. Fruit Heights City is encouraging residents to give their mailbox an aggressive shake.  If the mailbox moves it needs some repairs before snow removal season begins.

Heavy snowfall last year led to an increase in the number of mailboxes damaged by snow thrown from passing plows and many mailboxes are in need of repairs. The City recommends tightening screws, replacing rusted mailboxes and rotted wooden posts.

We know that winter damage to mailboxes is inconvenient to residents and we want to minimize this problem so by simply shaking your mailbox and tightening screws, that can go a long way in keeping it secure and upright during the winter season

Fruit Heights City will only replace existing mailboxes if the mailbox was damaged by City equipment. The City will not replace mailboxes damaged by the sheer force of ice/snow thrown from the snow plows.

Mailboxes are one of the only objects allowed in the road right-of-way.  Fruit Heights City has standards for placement of mailboxes along city roads that are aligned with the regulations of the U.S. Postal Service. Fruit Heights City encourages residents to review the regulations about mailboxes to make sure their mailbox is legal.