Utility Application

Please submit appropriate forms to the Fruit Heights City office prior to occupying the home. You may do so by coming into City Hall (910 S. Mountain Road) or by filling out the application(s) below.

Homeowner Application (This must be submitted by new home owners, including landlords.)

Rental Property Business License Application (Annual license required from each landlord when the owner does not occupy the rental property.)

Utility Applications Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am moving to Fruit Heights. What do I do to put services in my name?

A: Prior to moving in, come to the city office (910 S. Mountain Road) and complete an application for services, or complete the Homeowner Application which includes the request for water, sewer, storm drain, garbage, green waste recycling and street maintenance.

Q: What is the landlord agreement?

A: The City does not bear the burden of unpaid bills due to payment failures in rental situations. Before a tenant may request utility service from the city, a new Landlord Agreement must be submitted by the owner of the property to the City office for each new tenant. This signed document is required before the new tenant may submit an application. Property management companies are not allowed to sign for owners.

Q: What services are provided by the City of Fruit Heights?

A: The City provides water, sewer, garbage, and green waste recycling. The City also bills for storm drain and street maintenance. Electricity is provided by Rocky Mountain Power, gas by Dominion Energy, telephone by Century Link, and cable by Comcast (check for availability).

Q: How do I set up an online account to view and pay my water bill?

Fruit Heights City utilizes paperless billing. This means, if you have an internet connection, an email address, and a city account number, you can view current and the past three monthly statements online at Xpress Bill Pay. Once the account is established on Xpress Bill Pay, select the paperless billing option.

While on Xpress Bill Pay, we encourage you to setup automatic payments using a credit or debit card, or a checking or savings account. Payments will continue to be received in the 24/7 drop box at the south side of the City Office parking lot, at the City's front desk during regular business hours, over the phone with City staff 801-546-0861, or through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 1-866-832-9729.

View step-by-step online payment details.