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- FOUNDER'S DAY CELEBRATION August 6 & 7 - Fruit Heights City Council is thrilled to celebrate Founder's Day with residents again! Please join friends and neighbors August 6 and 7. MORE DETAILS

- FRUIT HEIGHTS BLOOD DRIVE July 23 - The Fruit Heights Youth City Council is sponsoring "Summer Full of Life", an American Red Cross blood drive on Friday, July 23, 2021, at Fruit Heights City Hall. MORE DETAILS.

- Mayor Pohlman's Message Regarding Fireworks - The 4th of July is quickly upon us, and I want to send out a word of caution. SEE COMPLETE MESSAGE.

- Fireworks Restrictions - Drought and fire dangers create the need for restrictions regarding fireworks and open fires in Fruit Heights City. See the Fireworks Restrictions/Open Burn Restrictions Map.

June/July Ridgerunner Newsletter - Learn about 4th of July activities, fireworks restrictions, drought measures, construction updates and more.

- IRRIGATION WATER - Seventy percent of the water we consume is used watering our yards. With extreme drought conditions this year, we are all being asked to reduce and conserve water.
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- Wildfire Protection Program - Many homes and neighborhoods within our city have been identified as areas of high fire hazard. Now is the time to review areas around your home, and create a defensible space by thinning trees and brush.
Learn how to protect your home and neighborhood


- STATEWIDE FIRE RESTRICTIONS - Reminder! Please talk with your family and friends about our extreme fire danger due to drought. Even a small campfire such as the one discovered recently can turn deadly. Open fires ARE NOT allowed in Fruit Heights. Fireworks are prohibited in much of the city, too. SEE MAP

- WATER TO SURVIVE - NOT THRIVE -  Look for signs and banners throughout Fruit Heights, reminding everyone of the need to cut back on watering at this time. The drought and excessive heat have our lawns looking dry, but grass is hardy and will survive with much less water than usual. RESTRICTIONS - NO MORE THAN TWO WATERINGS PER WEEK, AND NO WATERING BETWEEN 10 AM AND 6 PM.

- JOIN THE YOUTH CITY COUNCIL - Participate in service projects and plan community events, all while having fun, making friends and building your resume. Current 9th-12th graders are invited to apply online by July 31.


What’s Happening on US-89

Please visit UDOT for for the latest updates and timelines.

- Mountain Road - As part of UDOT's U.S. 89 project, the Mountain Road connection to U.S. 89 (the 200 N/400 N intersection) is closed through June. The east leg of the U.S. 89/Nicholls Road intersection is open, so drivers living between 650 North and Nicholls Road will use Nicholls to access U.S. 89. Residents on Oakmont and points north will use Crestwood Road. This closure will allow crews to continue work on the 200 N/400 N interchange, including the bridge, on-/off-ramps, and connections to local streets. The new interchange is scheduled to open in late June/July.

- Nicholls Road - Nicholls Road, on the west side of U.S. 89, is closed through mid-April. The closure will allow for the installation of new irrigation lines. The road will reopen until the new 200 North/400 North interchange opens this summer, at which point, Nicholls Road access to U.S. 89 will permanently close. 

- Green Road CLOSURE - Beginning mid-February, UDOT will close Green Road on the west side of U.S. 89. This is the permanent closure of Green Road access to U.S. 89. When Green Road reopens in 2023, it will connect to the new frontage road that runs south to Nicholls Road and Lloyd Road.

- Mountain Road UDOT Update - Utility work is ongoing on both sides of the closure, and one-way flagging will begin soon on the 650 North/Mountain Road side. Work will continue through May.

- 1350 East UDOT Update - Utility crews are beginning work on 1350 East. Traffic will be maintained in a one-way south-bound configuration. Two-way traffic out of the area will be maintained via Shady Lane Way and Grand Oaks Drive (1400 East). Work will continue through April.

Department Service Phone Email
Administrative Accounts Payable & Receivable, Building Permits, Inspections  801-546-0861 ext. #2 
Administrative Utilities, Water, Sewer, Garbage 801-546-0861 ext. #1 
Administrative Business Licensing, Ridgerunner, Media 801-546-0861 ext. #3
Administrative Administration, Construction, Developemnt, US-89 801-546-0861 ext. #4
Public Works Streets, Street Lighting, Water, Storm Water, Parks 801-546-0861 ext. #2 
Emergency Kaysville Fire (NON-EMERGENCY)  801-544-2860  
Emergency Davis County Sheriff (NON-EMERGENCY)  801-451-4150