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Pinecone & Sagebrush Parties
The History
Fruit Heights enjoys a unique system of conducting municipal elections. Many years ago the Town Council decided while the municpal elections should be totally be non-partisan, they should be still hold conventions to ensure that there would always be a choice for each vacancy of office on the ballot in November.

According to Forrest Barker, Brig Harvey suggested that since he was a sheepherder and had so much open land that one of the parties should be the Sagebrush Party. Mr. Barker, who lives among the Pines, suggested that one of the parties should be the Pinecone Party.

The City Council sought the advice of Vernon Carr of Carr Printing because he owned the company everyone around used to print their ballots. Mr. Carr helped them work out the paperwork and the unique 2-party system we enjoy in Fruit Heights was born.

About the Bi-Annual Meetings
Bi-annually in September, caucus meetings or conventions are held at Fruit Heights City Hall to decide who would be running for office. Years ago it was more like a draft, where the party chairs were charged with making sure that they had someone to run for each open seat.

Everyone eligible to vote in the November elections is invited to attend these meetings.