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Water Quality
Water Quality

Fluoride in Fruit Heights Water

Fruit Heights City does not fluoridate its water, but Weber Basin Water Conservancy District has been directed by the Davis County Health Department to add fluoride to drinking water supplied to Davis County Residents. 

Water Hardness in Fruit Heights

The tap water in Fruit Heights is considered "Average Hard" - 280 mg/L or 16 grains/gallon.

Iron Content in Fruit Heights Water

The tap water in Fruit Heights contains .04 mg/L (40 parts per billion) of iron. The range may fluctuate between .02 - .06 mg/L.

Does the City of Fruit Heights chlorinate its water?

The city’s primary source for culinary water is comes from Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and also from a well.  The city does chlorinate the water system through mechanical chlorination system that is monitored and tested weekly. 

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for the City of Fruit Heights

We are pleased to report that our drinking water meets Federal and State requirements. Download the most current Drinking Water Quality Report for the City of Fruit Heights. This report is designed to inform consumers about the quality of the water and services that the city delivers every day. The constant goal is to provide a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. The city wants each customer to understand the efforts that are made to continually improve the water delivery process and protect our water resources.